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We understand that keeping your office environment clean and hygienic is an important requirement for any commercial business. As well as impressing an image of your business on clients, visitors, and colleagues, the cleanliness of your office is also crucial to optimize occupational health and safety for your employees.

SNAP Cleaning has been in operation since 2016 servicing offices across the entire Auckland region. Our highly trained Supervisor or Manager will work with you to develop a customized cleaning program catering specifically to your commercial cleaning requirements, with consistent and ongoing communication to ensure you are satisfied with our service.

Your office premises are the face of your company. To keep it at its best, you need to keep it spotless. However, it is not an easy task. Employees may walk in with dirty shoes, keep moving about in the office and touching everywhere with unclean hands, they may eat at their desk, there may be paper, and discarded stationary lying everywhere and glass surface could be full of fingerprints and grime. You need to keep the office premises clean to offer a healthy environment for your employees, so they are happy and safe, improve productivity, and impress clients who walk into your office. Snap Cleaning understands, offers reliable office cleaning services to keep your premises spic and span.

Snap Cleaning ensures everything is cleaned to your satisfaction and can customize the cleaning schedule as per your requirements. Whether you need daily housekeeping, monthly or quarterly cleaning, or annual maintenance, our professional office cleaners in Auckland can get that done for you. When our cleaners leave, your office premises will be sparkling clean and spotless.

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Office Areas / Reception Area

  • All Rubbish Bins emptied, and Rubbish removed to Client Collection Point.
  • Bin Liners replaced as required.
  • Remove any Visible Cobwebs.
  • Dust all Horizontal Surfaces, including Filing Cabinets, Chairs, and Pictures.
  • Dust all Desks (Where Cleared).
  • Damp Wipe Surfaces and Desks remove Coffee Rings and any Spillage.
  • Clean Partition Glass Removing any Finger Marks.
  • Vacuum all Corners, Edges, and Carpet areas.
  • Vacuum Traffic Lanes to Remove Visible Dirt.

Toilets / Washrooms

  • All Rubbish Bins emptied, and Rubbish removed to Client Collection Point.
  • Bin liners Replaced as required.
  • Clean and Sanitise lid before replacing Bin Liner.
  • Clean and Sanitise Hand Basins, taps and Surrounding areas.
  • Clean and Sanitise Pans, Seats, Lids, Urinals, Handles and Fittings.
  • Clean mirrors.
  • Remove Splash Marks from Walls around Basins.
  • Replenish Toilet Tissue and Paper Towels from Client Stock.
  • Wet MOP Entire Area.

Board Room / Meeting Room

  • All Rubbish Bins Emptied and Rubbish removed to Client Collection Point.
  • Bin Liners replaced as required.
  • Remove Visible Cobwebs.
  • Dust Horizontal Surfaces, including Filing Cabinets, Chairs, and Pictures.
  • Clean Partition Glass removing any Finger Marks.
  • Detail Vacuum all Corners, Edges and Carpeted areas.
  • Vacuum Traffic Lanes to Remove any visible Dirt.
  • Dust MOP Hard Floor Area with Microfibre mop.
  • Wet MOP Entire area.
  • Clean Kitchen.


  • Wash and Polish all Work Surfaces.
  • Clean Sink and Taps and Polish where required.
  • Clean and Polish Dishwasher Outside.
  • Clean all Exterior Appliances.
  • Clean Microwave Inside and Out.
  • Bins to be Cleaned Inside and Out.

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